The Lean Playbook | Lean, from a fresh perspective
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It’s a different take on showing you, from a practical point of view, what ‘Lean‘ is and how positively it can affect your company. Make a difference in your organization applying Lean Techniques, while having fun in the process with this book.

What is it?

Lean is absolutely no rocket science. Most of the time it is about applying common sense in a structured manner and empowering people to reach all their potential. The Lean Playbook is a book that wants to prove this and demystify Lean to make it accesible to everyone!

Who can use it?

This book is aimed at everyone, but with a special focus on consultants, Lean practitioners, operational team leaders and strategic heads of departments. It goes from making the first steps introducing Lean in an organization to leveraging a change of culture, optimizing value streams and facilitating innovation.

What will you accomplish?

The book will help you to optimize your organization from the smallest team to the most important core processes in your value chain. You’ll get results, even if they are not revolutionary most of the time, which will bring significant improvements in cycle time, cost or product quality.


FIND OUT where the weak points in your company are, LEARN what the appropriate solutions are, AND INVOLVE everyone from management down in the LEAN PROCESS


Read some sample pages!


This is no ordinary book. But why?


Well, most of the usual books are read from the beginning to the end, and we see the story unfold through the pages. The Lean Playbook has no story. At least not in the conventional way. It has lots of stories, and you don’t need to read them in any particular order. Therefore here you can see the book at a glance, and which chapters are relevant to any particular topic you want to learn about…

Oh, but there is so much more…


This being a book about Lean, it would be preposterous to not be Lean itself. So, besides accessing the chapters you need at any particular moment, you can also follow certain “tracks” that will guide you through your present goal or towards your set task:



Lean is a term introduced by Daniel T. Jones and James P. Womack in the 90’s to describe Toyota’s way of thinking, working and behaving. It is based on the core principle that everything we do, develop or manufacture, has to maximize customer value. All other activities, actions or efforts put into the production that cannot be linked to what the customer perceives as valuable, are regarded as waste in Lean.


This means that our processes, methodologies and investments need to be reviewed to ensure that we are utilizing our resources in activities that are actually valuable for the customer. In our many engagements with organizations, we have seen that there is a great amount of time and money spent in producing documents, attending meetings, double checks or creating unnecessary bottlenecks. And it can be very troublesome to make people realize they need to adjust or change their way of working. This is the reason why independent consultants are usually brought in, to introduce Lean in end-to-end processes, which is usually costly to many companies and does not necessarily guarantee success.


Those are the bad news. The good news is that this book is here to help you out. Anyone can do Lean in their organization. At any level, from the smallest team to the most important core processes in your value chain. Results, even if they are not revolutionary most of the time, can bring significant improvements in cycle time, cost or product quality. In the following pages you will find several real world cases, where different Lean techniques and tools made a difference. We describe them in great detail, so you will be able to apply them to your own company. Welcome to The Lean Playbook! Get into the Lean philosophy, have fun and make a difference in your organization!